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Tis the Season...

your living Christmas tree is coming home soon!

Hello to all of our eco-conscious Current Christmas Households!

We are ramping up to deliver your tree and we wanted to inform you of some changes in our service. Last year we experimented with a “Midnight Run” to pick up some of our trees and we were all impressed. Not only were we able to pick up 30% more trees - but more importantly we used 40% less fuel for our trucks. With no one on the street to either slow us with the tight intersections or little to no pedestrians - we were able to REALLY reduce our carbon-foot print. Believe me - the donut shop coffee at those hours and sleeping all day the next is not our preference, however - efficiency and practicality are.

so, In an ongoing effort to Exercise sustainable business practices and continue to offer our free delivery - we are no longer providing “Carry in” or “Carry out” service.

We hope that this change is not too drastic, but for three years we have taken trees into homes only to have the household leave it on the porch or outside their gate or even next to their garage with absolutely not one tree going missing! This is really where your chipping in and going a little bit further can help us help the ecology. With new EPA changes - offshore and even federal land oil drilling being allowed again - it’s really up to us as our governmental climate changes - so might our climate - for the worse. We all have friends and neighbors that have helped out in the past and we are sure they’d love to see and help with your living tree.

If there is a medical condition and no one to help we will handle those situations on a case by case basis - however, you will need to be flexible on the day for us to make room on a different truck. Please email us with any concerns.

we will try to work something out for such a situation.

Everyone must fill out this form so that we have updated info and know that you understand the new process. We will be emailing people 48 hours in advance that they will find their tree where they have told us to leave it and the same for pick-up as a reminder. We also already have all of the “Property Of” tags ready to go and assigned to your specific tree and we believe that this will lesson any worries.

A heads up to our family: We were recently placed internally within Facebook which goes live in a week so please tell anyone and everyone whom you wish to get a tree this year, because we are expecting to reserve out by the end of November. We are very partial to our roots - GGMG, Mamas, Google, and Twitter - so post or mention us soon!

You get your tree early as delivery dates for current households come before new ones and here are your dates by area. Your tree will arrive on one of the two days listed.

SF/Peninsula/South Bay:

November 25th and 26th

Marin/East Bay/Sonoma/Napa:

November 29th and 30th

Household Name *
Household Name
Other household name...
Other household name...
If there are two last names in the household - this helps us locate your account.
New Address?
New Address?
If you have moved since last season - please provide the new address. If you have already informed us - please reinform us.
Gate/garage code or where to leave your tree in your lobby.
Best phone number for day of delivery *
Best phone number for day of delivery
In Case we have difficulty gaining access to where you have asked us to place your tree.