Your foster tree....

...was grown in Oregon by a farmer with over 36 years of experience with evergreens.  He has a peaceful and patient look in his eyes that can only come from working with these trees and the land.

Your tree was planted from a trained, two year seedling and then raised in fertile soil for four to seven years. Careful pruning, soil augmentation and organic pest abatement are just a few of the long list of items which are ongoing through your trees maturation. The true art of the entire process comes during extraction.  The rootball of your tree is carefully removed in its entirety to preserve this vital component of your trees livelihood.  

Your tree comes to you in a pot. This is a normal black nursery pot like you've seen elsewhere, however - your tree is anything but normal.  It was reared by hand with care and love for the earth that it came from and will return to.  It was stewarded through it's early years to bring you many years of holiday enjoyment as a continuously living tree. With your care and consideration during its visits, it will provide many more years as a flourishing habitat for forest animals as a full grown tree in its natural environment.  It will clean our air while producing oxygen and it may even, unknowingly, provide shade for you during a hike in the forest some day.  

At the end of your three or five year fostering partnership you might get a phone call telling you that your tree wants to come home to you for one more season or maybe even two.  This is because we cannot exactly predict the rate of which your new family member will grow and we might deem it OK to return for another season.

We sincerely hope that you look forward to the experience as it will leave you with the same peaceful feeling that I've seen in the eyes of the farmer who planted your little seedling.