2019 Annual Service Fee Period

Your foster tree is just now budding and starting its growth spurt. This is a very short window of 4-6 months when your tree makes huge gains in growth and we are on hand to coach it through this critical period. Upper canopy shaping, soil augmentation, balanced hydration and organic pest abatement are just some of the key components that ensure you a healthy living Christmas tree. Per our original agreement we are committed to the healthy growth and safe transportation of your living Christmas tree. This process comes at a minimal cost to your household given the task at hand. 

We have chosen the shadow of Earth Day as the kick-off day to our Annual Service Installment Period to remind you of your ongoing contribution to protecting the planet.

This period for 2019 is 4/25 - 5/25. We will remove your email upon receipt of payment and you can rest assured that your tree will be delivered to your home for the upcoming 2019 holiday season healthy and safe. Your tree will arrive showing off it's new growth and spender to say thank you for not chopping it down like the majority of Christmas trees in this country.

Regarding our Annual Service Fee - Being that this fee is annual we have opted not to retain credit card information for an annual authorization. This is a much safer business practice for you and for us as well. Simply find your name and you will be directed to your specific payment level. We have also included an option to pay for the next two years at a discount! This makes it convenient for you to not worry about follow up annual service installments and to rest assured that you are set for the next two Christmas seasons.

Installment Process - two simple steps:

1. Click your household name below.

2. Chose your option.

Follow the streamline checkout process and BAM! You can forget about any future financial commitments regarding your 2019 Christmas tree.

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