“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
— Nelson Henderson

Is your household ready to foster a new tradition?

We are committed to replacing the dated tradition of "cut" Christmas trees. Our fostering program is designed around your tree growing into your household. Our hand selected trees are three to six feet tall including the pot height. These smaller tree sizes are perfect because your tree grows at a rate of six to twelve inches a year and they fit nicely in smaller apartments and bungalows in SF and on the Peninsula as they mature. One of our fostering families termed it well - they said "Smaller is smarter" - we only wish we came up with that tag line first!

The sacrifice of not having a large "centerpiece" tree is hopefully replaced by knowing that many trees will be saved (not cut) by your household over the span of your fostering agreement.  Our foster trees teach the importance of stewarding our ecology in the right direction as they will eventually be reforested.  If you are accustomed to that big centerpiece tree - then we are probably not for you.

Your family will see the growth and enjoy a larger tree every holiday season. We HIGHLY recommend a five season fostering commitment. This provides the best value to the customer with the best return - both personal and financial. At the end of the fifth season your tree will be reintroduced into the environment through a reforestation program.   

Please keep in mind that we do not rent trees nor do we sell them.