To Campout or Not to Campout This Weekend ?


Well guys - this is the first time in four Campouts that I’ve had to raise this question. Many on this list might remember setting up camp on a Friday two years ago in the rain and then Sat & Sunday were gorgeous. It does not look like we will be so lucky.

Things are ordered and everything is set for the Campout to exist, however - we have a few choices. We have created these options because don’t want people to sour on their experience because of constant rain and mud.

If we do it - it will have to be by majority only - for this weekend. Please select your option by 6PM TODAY at the very latest.


A: Rain or shine - it’s on for this weekend.

Newly Added Campouts

B: Come to our Fourth of July Campout. (you will have to take Friday the 5th off of work, but I did locate a firework show about 20 minutes from camp).

C: Come to our September 13th-15th Campout (Bluegrass Festival Weekend).

D: Roll your Memorial Day Campout RSVP to one of the 2020 Campouts.

Make your selection below ASAP please!!

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