Campout Getaway – Spring 2018

Make the most of the three day weekend - come Friday and leave Monday!

(Reservations are limited to the first 25 households.)

We are gathering for our second“Campout Getaway with your Christmas tree” at our farm in McCloud, CA. Our quaint little farm is located at the privately owned (300 acre) non-operational historic cedar mill in McCloud. With the stunning backdrop of Mt. Shasta behind you and unlimited outdoor activities ahead of you for the weekend - why would we add anything else?  Well... adding an Mushroom Festival Saturday & Sunday and a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning and a visit from a CalFire Engine crew just seemed appropriate to pack into your weekend in the mountains. Get out of town and make the trek to McCloud for your own private campout – you will be very glad you did!

The mill was acquired by a group of Bay Area investors in 2014 with the goal of revitalizing the site with green & sustainable businesses. Forever Green Christmas Tree Farm was in on the ground floor at the The Millworks and compliments the project by bringing sustainable agriculture to the growing list of businesses looking into setting up shop at the mill. We look forward to you experiencing the 275 acre private mill property along with the town of McCloud and all of the outdoors fun you will have!

We have compiled a list of all of the areas outdoor activities below and kept our scheduled activities streamlined and away from you getting out there and enjoying all that this mountain area has to offer.

Fun Activities / Things to do:

  • Mushroom Festival - This is a very fun and educational event that you can walk to!
  • Craft Project - Paint your household a wooden tree. We are going to have some very cool repurposed wooden trees for households to decorate with paint and we will be hanging them on the wall of our big barn to remain for seasons to come!


  • CalFire to visit with a fire engine and flow some water! 
  • Kayaking Lake McCloud – 20 minutes from camp - reservations required - email us for info!
  • Hike McCloud Falls – 10 minutes from camp.
  • Mountain bike The Great Shasta Rail Trail – 5 minutes from camp.
  • Golf McCloud Golf Course– 10 minutes from camp.
  • Motorcycle the many fire roads - 5 minutes from camp.
  • Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing – nearby World-class rivers and lakes:
  • Lake McCloud - 20 minutes from camp
  • Lake Siskiyou – 30 minutes from camp 
  • Medicine Lake – 40 minutes from camp
  • Baum Lake – 30 minutes from camp 
  • McCloud Falls - 10 minutes from camp
  • Upper Sacramento River – 45 minutes from camp
  • Hat Creek - 45 minutes from camp


Camping is just that – camping. 

no glamping sites available. :)

  • Coffee and cinnamon rolls provided every morning starting at 7am at the Honey Shack.
  • We will have very clean porta-potties and outdoor plumbed sink for doing dishes. Last year we also added a private outdoor shower to the immediate space and there is access to four more private outdoor hot showers on property. Our new and very large BBQ is hot and ready from 5-7pm so that you can throw on whatever you bring.
  • We provide straw for you to cover the ground under and around your tent for comfort and to minimize dust.
  • Fires? Yes! We will provide all firewood wood. Note: If CAL Fire says that there is a high fire danger then the burning of fires will not be an option.
  • Emergencies: We are in the mountains and the nearest hospital is one hour away so bring emergency supplies such as an Epi-pen if you know someone in your household is allergic to bees. We will trust you to travel and camp with common sense and be prepared.
  • Liability waivers – everyone will have their own and minors will be signed for by a parent. The mill is a work in progress and there are many items that require common sense to steer clear of. Your children and your personal safety will be entirely your responsibility.
  • RVs: We must be notified ahead of time if you want to bring an RV or travel trailer. We will have a separate area for larger RVs. No hook-ups available - however there are in town (5 minutes) and you could still attend all of the events if you choose to stay at a nearby RV park.
  • Additional guests – welcomed, but we would rather they be part of the family! Their rate is higher, but the difference can be applied to a tree of their choosing while at the farm. Note: difference applied only this weekend and not applicable after the event.
  • Pets: YES – we friggin’ love pets! But pick up after them and if they bark with abandon you will be asked to move to a very distant spot that provides complete isolation for your dog to bark endlessly – like Canada. Please - NO PETS around the Christmas trees!

Weekend Schedule:

Friday  -

2-6pm - Early bird check-in. Late/early comers - please call or text before or after these times as the gates to the Mill property will be closed.

7-9pm – "Honey Shack" Gathering – informal meet and greet over a beer by the fire to dust off after the drive at the Honey Shack. (Complimentary beer and snacks)

Saturday –

8-2pm – Official Check-in.Late/early comers - please call or text (415-235-9654) before or after these times as the gates will be closed

All Day: Outdoor Activities of your choice – see above activities (self-motivated & self guided). We will be on hand to direct and advise in the morning with coffee at the honey shack from 7-10am.

9-11pm - Bonfire at the farm. Complimentary beer and S'mores! (maybe not a great pairing but we wanted something to offer the kids)

Sunday –

7-9am - Pancake free for all! Pour ‘em, flip ‘em and grab ‘em! Butter, Maple Syrup, Powdered Sugar, Strawberries, Bananas and Peanut Butter, and MAYBE Nutella (if Patrick gets any say in it) - HECK YES!

All Day: Outdoor Activities of your choice – see above activities (self-motivated & self guided). We will be on hand to direct and advise in the morning with coffee at the honey shack from 7-10am.

Things to bring –

Food for the weekend and any beverages. There are two stores in McCloud – the one that is more like a grocery store closes at 7pm sharp. The corner store (beer and a terrible wine selection) closes at 9pm.

We will have communal BBQ available with hot coals from 5-7pm every night - or you can bring your own.

Tents & sleeping bags, first aid kits, flashlights, bug spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer – all of the typical camping items. Some sort of shade will come in handy - easy ups or tarps.

Fishing? - Equipment and licenses (licenses are available in town). 

Fun stuff: Mountain bikes or bikes for the kids, hiking boots, motorcycles, golf clubs and kayaks.

Musical instruments for the bonfire - if you're any good!


Camping Package Fees:

Includes firewood, entertainment and a truckload of other amenities. 

Remember: Monday is Memorial Day (travel day).

Fostering household - 

Saturday & Sunday Night Package - $80 per fostering household (this includes: two adults and up to three children).

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Night Package - $100 per fostering household (two adults and up to three children). Remember to arrive in the afternoon, as we have an informal meet and greet with beer by the fire and on the deck facing the mountain starting at 7pm.


Guests -

Saturday & Sunday Night Guest Package - $100 (two adults and up to three children).

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Guest Night Package - $125 (two adults and up to three children).