You are back to the Bay Area and the dust has settled in McCloud. We want to say "Thank You!" for making it a very funfilled outdoorsy weekend. We had groups experience the water falls and visit the local lakes. People rode bikes into the woods and kayaked newly charted (to them) waters. There were s'mores and pancakes but not in that order. Cal-Fire even came to hang out with the kids! We hope that you re-connected with nature and your family and maybe even met a new friend or two.

We want to hear about what you did and what you thought of our fledging tree farm. We are hoping to post your comments on our site - we already have the page built with placeholders and we are just awaiting your summaries to plug into place and go live - so please get back to us asap! We would also LOVE some pics of y'all out and about up in McCloud to add to the page. Any pics at the falls, lakes, hikes, bike rides, or at the festival will help make the Campout page complete - Give 'em to us here! (this like will also appear after you submit your form) 

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Family Name
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What did we that we do right? For those returning groups from 2016 - what do you think of our progress - we'd love to post your thoughts!
We want to raise the bar, but keep in mind that free helicopter rides are out of the budget. :( What could we do better??