Free delivery means a hassle free Christmas tree experience - but we do need your help.

Please read before continuing…

During the hectic holidays you can enjoy the convenience of free delivery and pick up of your new foster Christmas tree. With literally 500 trees to be delivered in the Bay Area over just a few days - it’s best for us if we can leave it on your porch, by your garage or behind a side gate or hedge. We have not had one tree go missing in three years of dropping and picking up hundreds of trees. Not one - from lobbies, in front of garages and even on sidewalks - Note: please don’t ever leave your tree on a sidewalk !

If you would like us to carry it in then you will have to be home all day and we cannot provide a time. We used to try and tell people that it will be the first half of the day or second half, but with Bay Area holiday traffic we were just not successful. We also used to text people if we were getting closer but that was not safe and once again - it was too choppy to manage.

Our delivery is free and with your patience and understanding we can do this together. If you are new to our family - no worries - all of our trees can easily be carried into your home by two people. We are also providing “Property Of” tags to ease fears of a tree going missing from lobbies or on front porches.