Breaking In and Breaking Even,

A brief letter from Patrick of ForeverGREEN Farm

Breaking in:

We are breaking ground with a new concept and breaking into a very big and established industry. The use of cut Christmas trees in the U.S. is a frame of mind, which - just like the evolution of recycling, will be slow a boat to turn around in the right direction. The road may be five miles uphill in the snow, but with a potted tree on our backs and your support – we will celebrate the progressiveness of the Bay Area and change the landscape of how Christmas trees are “consumed” in the U.S. – one household at a time and rippling out from our home turf. 

Breaking even:

We started this goal in 2015 with an idea and a small amount of personal money. We wanted to see if we could do it and guess what……WE DID! Our concept has traction and has grown with your support and participation. We often catch ourselves feeling selfish because we started a project that while only yields breakeven returns we could never put a price on seeing the adults and children of the households we service truly embrace what we are trying to do and even better – pass it on to their neighbors, families and friends. We doubled in households from the 2015 season to the 2016 season and 80% of that growth was from referrals from our 2015 households. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the concept and how like-minded our customer base is - then we don’t know what else could. That same word of mouth has continued in 2017 & 2018 too and we have continued to grow!

THANK YOU – we are doing this together!

The selfish side of Christmas:

Ours and theirs - The choice is obvious - TELL A FRIEND...OR TWO...OR THREE!

At the end of the day – money doesn’t matter – our beings and our ecology are all that we are left with. We (you and us) are breaking into the Christmas tree market with an alternative to the traditional “cut” tree and bettering our ecology. We have all wondered “why not” have a live tree or perhaps – we have had one or a few in the past, but it was too cumbersome of a project to continue on an individual and annual basis. We at ForeverGREEN wanted to take some of the heavy lifting and management off of your hands and see if we could do it all together. We wanted to create a community of like-minded people who wanted to celebrate Christmas in the light and not in the dark by ignoring the fact that a cut tree is a selfish endeavor during a time of giving. By providing an option to the “cut” market we have realized the potential of the concept and more importantly – the physical and emotional return this option brings to the households we service. As we have encountered hurdle after hurdle we uncovered some of the “why nots” and did our best to overcome them. Best part of all of it was that you were right there with us to help shine a bright, positive light on the Christmas holiday!

A quick note on billing:

We are a seasonal company and therefore it does not make sense to retain and store CC information for a one year period given that cards expire. As the good majority of our households take advantage of the discount percentage off and pay in advance we will stay the course with this policy. We GREATLY appreciate payments in full because it allows us to make improvements for the long haul and keeps us growing in the right direction without taking out loans. Payment in full" really keeps us in the game though. For those customers that are able to pay in full - a big thank you!

Once again – thank you for your support and we hope to get to know you better at the Campout in May!

Patrick & "The Crew"