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Our Rough Delivery Outline For All 2016 New Households Is Below

Please Note: Most of our Fostering Households choose to have their tree "dropped off" without a face-to-face. This helps to expedite your delivery and all of our trees can be moved safely by two people. However, our service includes bringing it in and positioning it. We do LOVE to meet our new people too!

Delivery begins on: Tuesday - November 29th

  • 11/29th - 12/24th for all new 2016 Fostering Households

Our ESTIMATED areas & days of service are below:

  • SF & Peninsula: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 
  • South Bay & East Bay: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

All other outlining areas will be accommodated around this schedule.

(FYI: 11/26-28th are reserved for previous year Fostering Households deliveries - this is you next year!)


Pick-up dates:

  • 12/27, 28, 29th
  • 01/06, 07, 08th

An email will go out mid-December for you to make your selection. All outlining areas will be handled individually.

No worries - we are here to make it easy!