Congratulations on your decision to foster a living Christmas tree!

Together, with our stewarding partnership, we are committed to caring for this living organism.  With our care we can reforest this tree in its healthiest condition possible.

To insure your foster trees health while in your care – please follow these guidelines:

  • Please do not clip your ID tag! If you already have - put it back on. This is the ONLY way that we ID your tree. There is not a Guarantee you will get the same tree back if you clip your tag.

  • Your tree will like it as cool as possible.  An ideal room temp is 68-70 degrees. If you keep your home warmer than that then you will need to place your tree in the coolest room possible and even water once a day. DO NOT place near direct heat sources-no heater vents, fireplaces, furnaces or direct sunlight or heated floors. Trees love direct sunlight but not combined with the warm temperatures your home provides, this will be harmful.  Ensure that your tree is placed on a level surface so that any potential excess water stays in the drip tray. Since our trees start off small you may choose to place your tree on a sturdy table for the first couple seasons.

Placement of your tree is extremely important to keeping your tree healthy during its visit.

  • Icing / Watering. We have replaced watering with icing. Icing helps with time released hydration and keeps it cooler at the base to minimize the negative impact of temperature changes. Icing is accomplished by adding 6 cups of ice cubes at the base (as close to the trunk as possible) of your tree every 48 hours.  It is recommended that the household invests in a moisture monitor, however it is not necessary if you are sensitive to your trees hydration needs. A moisture monitor is easy to read and takes the guesswork out of it, however you can avoid the need of one if you stick to a 48-hour schedule and monitor for any change of foliage and general appearance of your tree.  *If there is excess water in the drip tray then this is an indication that you might be over hydrating your tree. If you are uncertain about the hydration of your tree please do no hesitate to contact us.

  • When decorating your tree please remember NO FLOCKING or permanent treatments.  Low heat emitting lights only and no heavy ornaments that cause stress on the branches. Please keep in mind that you will have to safely remove all decorations from your tree prior to pick up.  Your tree is still young and has a lot of growing to do, any damage now will be apparent for years to come.

  • Careful monitoring of pets and children is vital to the health of your tree.   

  • It is very important that you do not cut or remove branches from your tree or fertilize your tree while in your care, this is all done at the farm by our staff who really know the process.

Please remember that any property or tree damage caused while your foster tree is in your care is your responsibility and Forever Green Christmas Tree Farm cannot be held liable.

Your New Living Holiday Tradition