We hope that your foster home is having a festive 2018 holiday season with family, friends and your living Christmas tree!

Please read the below carefully….

VERY IMPORTANT - Fill this out ASAP (no later than Christmas Eve) - so that the routes can be planned and the equipment sizes assigned to each route (this is a huge job that has to happen behind the scenes within less than three days. If you are wondering why we are asking close to the pickup dates - it’s because we’ve found that if we give people a two or one week lead time then they often forget about it in the crazy time of the holiday. Last minutes is best and you already kinda know which of the two windows that we offer are right for your family.

end of day on Christmas Day is the cutoff for the form below - there will be a $20 Pick up fee added to your account only because it takes us two full days to plan the routes it is imperative that we get your household name slotted on a route ASAP.



While you & yours celebrate – we here at the barn are ramping up for the post-season pick up of your fostered Christmas tree. Every household is a little different when it comes to how the holidays are celebrated and when they are ready to have their tree removed so we provide two options. Just after Christmas and just after New Years.

Let’s work together and "Pitch In" for the benefit of our fostered trees and get them back to the farm without incident.  Not one tree went for a walk from a delivery porch this season or a pickup porch last season. Given the growing size of our fostering family as a whole - we must ask you to leave your tree on your porch or in your lobby. This "Pitching In" on your part helps us expedite the process as your tree will be going direct to it's alpine home from your porch.

We used to offer say SF on a certain day and the East Bay on a certain day and if we were delayed with traffic, or equipment or staff then the emails would just come rolling in saying that we didn’t pick up a certain tree. We are getting away from that - we simply have to. Therefore there will be a 72 hour window that we will pick up your tree. This means that you need to have your tree out the evening before the first day and it could be there for three days. It will love the rain - don’t worry.

Example - Our first day of Pickups is Dec. 28th - then your tree needs to be outside by Midnight on the 27th. Think of it as having it out the evening before the 28th.

It may be there for three days (probably two) but in most cases one day. But we are giving ourselves a buffer of time to allow for unforeseen occurrences (like sleep).

ID Tags:

We pick up at night and if you have cut your ID tag off then the chances of you getting the same tree back is pretty slim - common sense here folks. 20% of last seasons households cut their tags off and didn’t replace them. The occurance was not noticed until we unloaded a few days later in McCloud and WOW - what a mess! Please reattach your tag or make it obvious what name is assigned to your tree.

Tagging Your Tree:

If you (the kids) want to mark your tree - please go ahead. Please no rubber bands or tape. Colored zip ties work well - loosely zipped and pls don’t use black ties - because we use black and we cut all black ones to stay clean about it all. Also - please do not write on your pot. We transplant and the chances that your tree stays in the same pot is not so good.

Gratuities - Go along way with season staff. You can leave anything in an envelope in the tree if safe or taped to the back of the pot out of sight. People have even left envelopes taped to the bottom. What ever works if you so choose and thank you in advance.

Pickup dates:

Bay Area wide (outlining areas or areas where we only have one tree - fill it out anyway and we will reach out on an individual basis):

FULL and CLOSED: Just after Christmas on the 28th, 29th & 30th (Trees outside on the evening of the 27th).

FULL (Over Full): Just after New Years on the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th (Trees outside on the evening of the 3rd).

New Date Added: 10th, 11th & 12th. All trees in by the 12th.


Note: The 4th, 5th and 6th are fully OVERBOOKED.

Household name on order *
Household name on order
Please refer to your ORGINAL confirmation email because that is the name on your account.
Possible other household name
Possible other household name
I will make my tree accessible on the evening of January 9th for pickup on the 10th, 11th or 12th
Example: "Text ###-#### to be buzzed in" OR "Tree will be in nook to the left of door."
My original ID tag is on my tree OR I have made my family name obvious on my tree....somehow.
I will leave my drip tray with my tree.

Thank you for all of your help and understanding in this endeavor.

Merry Christmas!