Donate to the FG Tractor Fund $100 - (CRAZY PERK OFFER INCLUDED)

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Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.05.03 PM.png

Donate to the FG Tractor Fund $100 - (CRAZY PERK OFFER INCLUDED)


With a tractor will will be able to grow your tree healthier and more efficiently. Tractors can move heavy weight and moving eight trees at a time is a lot of weight! Tractors are expensive because of what they can do and therefore….we could use some help funding one. 

Please consider donating $100 towards a $5,000 tractor. If you help with more - contact us here! All donations are greatly appreciated!!

CRAZY Perk: A two night stay at the farm in our Glamping Truck for 1/2 the price - only $100 for the weekend!

Nightly rate is $100 so you pay half of the normal rate! A private hot shower, Memory foam mattress (with full linen) and the best view of Mt. Shasta! Weekends are included in this offer too! First come first serve for dates - see terms below.

($50 damage/security deposit and a $10 cleaning fee will be charged at time of reservation = $60. Damage deposit returned barring any issues. No-Show means that someone else could have enjoyed that weekend so the $50 will be retained and $10 cleaning credited back. Full refund for cancelations before 30 days of scheduled date only.)

This offer is only good within one year of donation date. Days cannot be split up - only two consecutive days will be honored.

First come first serve on available dates. Inquire via email here for avail dates. Please provide 1st, 2nd, and third choices in your email.

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