Our partnerships are what can make it all work out for the better - 

We provide the very best container conifer trees on the West Coast.

While small and with possibly very minor imperfections - your tree is a living piece of our delicate ecosystem. We did not populate ten million trees to harvest one million perfect trees for the holiday season. Instead - we hand selected your tree off of a very small and caring farm in Oregon. 

How it works....

You select (via our website) the tree that fits your needs while remembering to size down. The new tree will grow 2-6" inches a year - season after season. One of the largest sacrifices of our program over a cut tree is that the tree is smaller and it will never be that 7-8 foot centerpiece tree. What it will be is a living and breathing tree in the forest some day - the decision is completely up to you. Keep in mind that our trees are premium and you should have 110% confidence that they have been grown and shaped with care to get them in as nearly perfect condition that nature will allow. 

You agree to TAKE CARE of and "Foster" your new tree during the holiday season. Always remembering that the end goal is to reforest a healthy and undamaged tree back into the ecology.

  • Watering: Toss 4 cups of ice cubes on your tree at the base (as close to the trunk as possible) every 2-4 days.

  • Placed in a cool space - AWAY FROM ANY DIRECT HEAT SOURCES. No heater vents, fireplaces, furnaces and NO HEATED FLOORS. Your new tree will like it as cool as possible and remember - no direct sun. They like direct sun, but not at all combined with the warmer than normal ambient temp that your home provides.

  • Careful monitoring of pets and children.

  • Delicate and sensitive decorations - obviously NO FLOCKING or permanent treatment. Low heat emitting lights only and no heavy ornaments that cause the branches to bend severely. Simply remember - "Do No Harm".

You agree to the annual care fee that is billed at time of selecting the tree of choice and in April for the next holiday season - purposefully away from any holiday expenditures and purposely on starting on Earth Day.  We have made it easy for you to forget about any future expenditures or stresses concerning your holiday tree by offering a one time installment of advance payment.

We agree to provide experienced, ongoing care over the majority of the year at our farm. We do not take the care of your tree lightly:

  • Site specific natural environment in the growing region/zone suited for your tree.

  • Directly sourced glacier water dripped, and constantly monitored, at just the right rate in relation to the ambient temperature and humidity to achieve optimum hydration.

  • Ongoing soil analysis and natural soil augmentation.

  • Constantly monitored and up to date organic pest abatement practices.

  • Delicate and careful transportation to and from your door from our farm in McCloud, CA.

We agree to provide FREE Delivery and Pick Up in the SF Bay area.  Please keep in mind the enormous job that this is and be patient and understanding. This is not hot take-out food, but rather a slow process of doing the right thing and preserving our ecology - no stress here.  If we work together with caring, understanding and respect, we'll BOTH get the job done together and done right!


If you do not see a tree size - say Noble Fir 4-5' - That's because we have already ran out of that tree. What you see is what we have at the present time of ordering. This is why you shouldn't hesitate to order - it could be the last one in our inventory. 


Our trees are small and later in our season we are down to last trees that are in the lower half of the size range. Meaning that if you are looking into Fostering a 4-5 foot tree - your tree will be closer to 4 feet but not below. We measure from the floor to the very tip - even if it is sparse near the top. Our guidelines are very straightforward and we need every household to understand that you are committing to a LIVING ORGANISM and the GROWING PROCESS OF IT. We don't grow ten million trees and pick the best million for the market. Our trees are some of the best living stock available, and they are small for a reason - because they are growing and we want them to grow with your household. 

Important Notes:

Growth Rates - 

We cannot guarantee growth rates. Every tree is different and they have good and less than average growing seasons. One year they might have one inch growth and the next four inches of growth. Keep in mind that they are in pots so their growth will be less than if they were in the ground. The best thing to think about as you look at your tree over the seasons is how many trees did not get harvested because of your stewardship of the ecology. That's the real take away from being part of our program!

Crop Loss - 

While ForeverGREEN strives for perfect trees there is also the perfect pest and the possibility of imperfect weather. Crop loss is inevitable in agriculture and if your tree suffers a fatal circumstance - you will be kept abreast of the situation and your tree will be replaced at our expense. This is our guarantee to you!


You must also agree to look forward to our Campouts! - Plan on coming to visit your tree at the farm in the Summer.