Your new living Christmas tree comes home to you for every season you have agreed to foster it.  


Through our careful care, acute inventory management and a purposefully chosen location we can successfully bring you the same healthy tree every year.  We have five types of premium and hand selected trees for you to begin your fostering program with. You simply choose a plan and a tree from our inventory and we do the rest.  Your new "container conifer tree" arrives in pot and it has a personal ID tag with your family name.  Every holiday season it comes back to you with new growth and new stories from its time on the tree farm in McCloud, California.

Our trees are hand selected from the ground soil that they matured in.  In essence - our trees are "rescued" by your household at a young age prior to them being considered ready to cut.  We do not rent or sell our trees - they are for the assigned fostering families holiday enjoyment and then they are reforested into nature when their root systems become too much for their pots.  

We specialize in smaller trees for our foster homes.  For this reason, they are perfect for SF apartments and smaller homes in the SF bay area.  We do offer larger trees over five feet and larger but only in the Colorado Blue and Green varities.