Let’s continue the GREEN Christmas tree tradition.

Congratulations! Your tree is scheduled to be planted this Spring. We ARE making a dent in the cut tree market - we have saved over 1300 trees with our Fostering agreements in four years. That is great news! Let’s continue the tradition.


Over the past four years we have learned that your tree, combined with normal growth and the stresses of being in a home for 4-5 weeks, needs to be reintroduced to nature after three seasons to obtain the highest survival rate possible. We no longer offer 5 and 7 year agreements for this reason - as much as we’d love to. Your tree is scheduled to go back into the ground this season - what a great accomplishment on both of our parts! We feel great about it and hope that your household does too.


This is a courtesy notification to our 2016 households with completed Fostering agreements: Now is your chance to jump back on the wagon from March 1st - 15th to secure 2018 pricing for the next three years with no delivery fee!

We are making great changes in your favor…..

Whew! - We on-boarded over 100 new households this season and it was - quite frankly - unmanageable. We are slowing down the wagon. Our apologies if your household was effected by the surge in our business, but you have our promise that it will not happen again. We are pivoting our model yet again, but this time - the pivot is towards our existing customer base. We will not accept orders after Nov. 1st so that we are super successful in getting our preexisting customers their trees on time for them to enjoy them. We will only reopen for orders only after every existing customer has their tree. Which means if you sign up after Nov. 1st. 2019 - you might not get a tree until mid-December, 2019. We don’t want this for previous household, hence this notification and opportunity.

This new approach means that we cannot grow at our current pace (not good for us) - however - we want to and will get back to our higher level of customer service and communication with this new approach. We have also decided to cap our farm at 500 households for the next couple of years. This will - no doubt - create a waiting list.

Just look around at how many people are in the Bay Area and feel good that you are one of only 500 households that have one of our trees to enjoy for the Christmas season.


Don’t wait and have to be on the waiting list - when do fill up by the Fall! We don’t ever want to tell a household, that was one of our first, that we have to put them on a list. Please look at this as a courtesy notification as we are already just slightly over 425 households.

The Loyalty Perks:

  • Receive 2018 pricing now! (There will and has to be an increase starting March 16th, 2019.

  • No delivery & pickup fee for three years. (Huge Perk!) Unfortunately, with just about every cost of delivering going up - we simply can’t afford to offer free delivery to new customers - only to you (2016 customers with completed agreements) and only until March 15th, 2019.

  • Guaranteed A Tree: By capping our numbers at 500 households - you are guaranteed your spot for the next three seasons. With the placement that we still have at many Bay Area companies - we anticipate on-boarding the remainder of households easily by Nov. 1st, 2019.

  • Payment in full. It might now sound like a perk, but we went to that format in early December and it was still well received. The benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about payments - you are all paid up for three years! No billing communication and you will only receive Campout, Delivery and Pick-up notifications. Easy and DONE!

  • Two more campouts are being added too and we now have a Glamping truck available to active members. See below.

Please remember - there is a countdown to this notification - Midnight on March 15th, 2019.