Notes on tree growth and farm improvements.

We started Christmas 2015 and brought trees directly from the soon to be cut market in Oregon. We chose to leave these trees in their original B&B (ball and burlap) potting situations for the 2016 growing season to minimize disturbances while assessing acclamation into a slightly different environment - McCloud, CA (sunny and dry) vs. Oregon (overcast and damp). This decision was wise so as not to shock the trees. The result was diminished growth, but a reserved approach to environmental shock reduced the overall number of trees lost – an inevitable part of the equation.

ALL TREES ARE BEING RELEASED FROM THEIR B&B RIGHT NOW! Yay! With the release of the root ball, adding nutrient rich soil and an improved drainage material to the base of each pot we anticipate good to great growth. Most trees remained in their same pot because there was plenty of room where the filler mulch was. This allowed for improved soil to take its place and not create too much change in overall weight. Weight in transportation is a huge concern for us – as you can imagine. We have also added 50/50 overhead shading and a ¾ acre graded and rolled base material to minimize “root shooting” and to help with our organic weed abatement program. We’ve stabilized our irrigation with a 2500-gallon water tank that is backed with a solar powered pump. Finally - we have also added a fertilizer factory – commonly known as a chicken coop with eight productive motors.

We are constantly reinvesting your service installments and fine tuning to perfect our growing practices for the long haul. Your service fees really allow us to improve quickly and effectively. Thank you!