“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.”
John Muir

The benefits of fostering are immeasurable....

Ecology -

  1. A fostered tree goes on to clean our air, create natural animal habitats, and may even provide shade for you during a long hike in the woods someday.

  2. For every year you foster you will prevent a "cut" tree from being harvested.

  3. Drought Assistance: Trees create shade which helps to prevent soil moisture evaporation which can only help with Global Warming.  

  4. Reforestation Post Fire:  California has suffered many wild-land fires in 2015 and reforestation programs are in great need of trees for reforestation programs.

  5. Most Christmas trees wind up in our landfills and NOT part of mulch programs.

  6. One of the largest sacrifices of our program over a cut tree is that the tree is smaller and it will never be that 7-8 foot centerpiece tree. What it will be is a living and breathing tree in the forest some day - the decision is completely up to you.

Family - 

  1. Fostering can teach children to cultivate and nurture a living part of our ecology.

  2. Your fostered tree grows with your family anywhere from 6-12 inches a year and returns to your household to show off its new growth every year.

  3. A living tree reduces the opportunity of fires within homes over the holiday helping to keep your family safe.

Convenience - 

  1.  Our FREE and easy delivery and pick up helps with a hassle free holiday.

  2.  A living tree produces minimal mess and drastically reduces cleanup in comparison to dying ones. 

  3. Our service provides the peace of mind that this part of your holiday celebration is taken care of. 

“This program is genius. Dying Christmas trees during the holiday season can cause fires resulting in property loss and deaths over what is supposed to be a celebratory holiday. A living tree looks great but, more importantly, it drastically reduces the potential of these fires from occurring.”

James Henrikson Fire Marshal - Palo Alto Fire Department

What it means to foster:

Fostering is an opportunity to steward and provide for a living organism through its growth and development.  For your new fostering tradition we provide a hand selected tree of your choice to be enjoyed and cared for during the holiday by its new fostering family.  After the holiday, your special tree returns back to its natural environment to flourish until the next Christmas season when it returns to your fostering family again. 

the trees

Eight distinctly different conifer species have been selected for the 2015 season because they are all trees that prosper in the Mt. Shasta growing zone 1A where our tree farm is strategically located.

the farm

Your living Christmas tree has friends and hangs out with them on a very happy tree farm in Northern California.  We would love to have you visit during our biannual “Camp out at the Farm” (Spring and Fall).

the care

The care of your tree is handled by professionals who monitor its healthy journey through the growing cycle.  From the purest glacial water, sourced directly from glaciers deep within Mt. Shasta, to ongoing soil analysis and organic nutrient augmentation.  Rest assured that we have the tree part covered.  You’ll need to fulfill your part of the partnership by performing easy-to-follow care instructions during your care period.

Our wonderful Serbian Spruce